Another benefits of a clean home


Lessening the spread of germs

Although most people think of bathrooms as the most germ-ridden spots in the house, findings indicate the kitchen is the biggest area of concern.

The kitchen is a prime area for germs because of the many crevices that can hold water or splatters of food,

He advises that counter tops should be made of an impervious material that can be cleaned with bleach after preparing raw meats and fish, and that cleaning sponges and cloths, which support the growth of pathogens, should be sanitized after each use.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gastrointestinal illness can be spread by contaminated food, and food-poisoning is less likely in kitchens that have been properly cleaned and sanitized.

He also stresses the importance of paying attention to the bathroom.  The toilet and flush and faucet handles are easily contaminated with potential dangerous germs and need to be disinfected. These are a major focus of environmental cleaning in the hospital and need to be in the home.

Keeping pests away

Bugs and rodents can multiply and easily hide in messy homes. They are attracted to liquid spills, food debris and dirty pet bowls. Their presence is trouble, as they spread disease, bacteria, germs and allergies.

Cockroaches are not just annoying, but can spread dangerous germs to humans.  They are a well-established cause of asthma, carry numerous bacteria and parasites and they spread germs that can cause gastroenteritis.

Mice can also be a problem for many homes.  They can spread diseases to humans, including Lymphocytic Choreomeningitis, Salmonella and Hantavirus.  It’s very important for the health of the entire family to prevent pest infestations.

Regular cleaning, including putting all food away in air-tight containers after each meal, and daily trash removal help to keep pests away and uncover them before they become a serious issue.

Improving your diet and waistline

Research has shown that women eat more sweets and high-fat foods when faced with daily hassles or professional stress. Researchers from Cornell University found that a chaotic physical environment may play a role as well. They set up two test kitchens with healthy and unhealthy snacks – one organized and the other messy and disorganized – and found those working in the chaotic kitchen consumed nearly twice as many calories in sweets as those who worked in the organized kitchen.

So, another reason to call Absolute Shine Cleaning Services

it’s good for your health!


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