Disinfecting Service in Northern Virginia

The world at large is under the influence of an unexpected and unprecedented pandemic. With no vaccine or possible cure to date, prevention and precaution are the only courses of available action.

To keep ourselves, our families, and the people around us safe and healthy, there is a dire need for deep and recurring disinfection and sanitizing services for both our homes and workplaces.

Absolute Shine offers the best electrostatic disinfecting services in the Virginia region. We promise to disinfect and clean your residential or commercial place and make it free from all types of germs, viruses, and other microorganisms.

The aim is to ensure the safety and health of your family members, colleagues, employees, and customers.

Absolute Shine Disinfecting Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Our company takes pride in using electrostatic spraying and fogging technology for disinfecting your homes and offices. It is an innovation in the cleaning industry and ensures a 100% COVID-free environment.

With full 360-degree surface coverage, the process allows using an effective EPA-approved disinfectant to clean the surfaces and kill the COVID-causing virus called the SARS-CoV-2.

 Electrostatic Sprayer Technology

A relatively newer method of disinfecting places and surfaces, this technology has brought about a revolution, in the entire world. It has proven to be highly effective and persistent against various types of harmful and disease-causing microorganisms.

Studies and tests have also shown that electrostatic sprayer technology is better and safer than other traditional cleaning methods.

Its process is very simple and easy. The Absolute Shine electrostatic disinfecting sprayer allows the charging of a powerful disinfectant approved by the EPA as an anti-COVID 19 agent. Ensuring 360 degrees cleaning for 3D surfaces, it effectively coats all the exposed areas and sustains the impact of the chemical for long time durations.

The main purpose is to create an environment that is adverse for all the germs and pathogens, ensuring a reduction in the chances of recontamination.

Fogging Disinfecting Technology

This methodology allows the release of a continuous stream of disinfecting and sanitizing droplets into the air, in large volumes. Creating the fogging effect, the liquid moves around into spaces that are hidden and unreachable with other methods like cracks, corners, and crevices.

Absolute Shine offers the most effective and efficient disinfecting fogging services for your homes and officesIt is the best way to kill various types of disease-causing microorganisms and allergens in your environment.

Most Effective Disinfecting Services in Virginia

Our company has developed a reputable name in the residential and commercial cleaning industry of Virginia. With over 14 years of service experience, we provide specialized services in many categories.

In the current period of the COVID 19 pandemic, Absolute Shine has been one of the first few companies to offer the most innovative and latest methodologies for disinfecting your homes and offices effectively. With fast response and efficient services, we ensure that every corner and edge of your home or office is sanitized and disinfected from all types of viral contaminations and germs.

Offering the best COVID disinfecting services in Virginia we have a dedicated and specialized team for this service only. We ensure that every client whether big or small is provided with the highest quality and most reliable services in town. 

Why Choose Our Electrostatic and Fogging Disinfecting Services in Virginia

  • Electrostatic sprayers that ensure full surface coverage and leave no residue
  • EPA Registered disinfectant to use against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Reg No. 71847-6 and 10324-141
  • Nontoxic products safe for use in areas used by children and pets
  • Home or office is ready for occupancy in 20 mins
  • Neutral pH – safe for all surfaces.

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Whether you want one-time or recurring disinfecting services in Virginia, we can provide both. Our customized packages and affordable rates make us the best choice among all the leading names.

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