The cost of NOT hiring maid service

Do you value yourself, your time and your peace of mind enough? If you think you’re not, read on…

The cost of NOT hiring maid service

Are you a single working two jobs? Or stay-at-home mom struggling to keep up with everyday chores and activities? Maybe you invested everything you had in a small business and now making ends meet until it grows up a little bit? People in all those situations rarely think about hiring a maid service due to the other financial struggles and priorities. But the reality is completely different.

Multiple magazines and blog posts were written on a subject of benefits of cleaning for your health and weight loss, tips and tricks on how to keep every room and corner of your home clean or which common household items can be used for their magical cleaning properties. But very few of them give you the point of view that paying for professional maid service really pays off in terms of your family life, well-being and financial construction.

There is no shame in asking for maid service help

The most cleaning services are in fact ordered by women. Various kind of women: students, new mothers, elderly or employed. But more and more men are ordering it, too, and their main motivation is to give a break to their partners.

Why should you feel any guiltier paying somebody for cleaning your home than eating lunch at a restaurant, or buying fruits and veggies? Almost everybody can cook; or use backyard to grow food. But anyway, they pay another person to do these errands as opposed to doing them all by themselves.

Have you ever calculated the value of your time?

calculating cost of maid service

If you are paid hourly, the chances are that you exactly know how much is the value of your working hour. Yes, home cleaning also counts as work. Even if you take that time from the time you have dedicated for family or leisure, it is still valuable. So, go ahead and calculate: How much money have you lost by not hiring a pro to do the job for you?

In addition, professional maids are much faster than you are. Window cleaning takes hours and hours of your time. Two skillful and well trained house cleaners can do it in no time. That makes it very hard to compare hourly rates, but you can imagine how much money you actually spare by investing your time in something else.

Some things in your life are priceless

Watching your children grow or helping your business grow. Spending quality time with friends or loved ones. Getting a good rest or a night of sleep. Staying healthy. Those things really matter and they all demand time. They also cannot be paid by money.

So, pay for the things the money can buy and afford professional cleaning service every once in awhile. Treat yourself with clean home and clean thoughts by delegating that obligation to the professional maid service.

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