Our cleaning service

We will send 2 or 3 cleaners each time. This way the cleaners get to know the particular and priorities of your house and family. We try to give you a very customized service based on your needs and requirements.
Yes, we give a 60 minutes for traffic and wheather considerations.
No , we charge you for the cleaning service. Gratuity is optional.
We try our best to do a complete quality home cleaning. Like any new relationships we make a mistake. But we do offer a guaranteed service, which means if you notify us within 24 hours, we will send a cleaning crew to correct their mistake or area that you were not satisfied at no cost.
For an extra charge you can book a number of services on top of your clean including. inside oven onside fridge inside windows glass wet wipe door,frame,baseboards etc. carpet cleaning etc.
Our move out/in cleaning is designed to prepare an apartment or house for a new tenant. We offer steam carpet cleaning as well. Our move out/in and deep cleaning is very in depth. Select you extras inside oven, inside fridge etc.
We bring all of the necessary supplies, including back pack vacuum Hepa filter , color code microfiber towels, If you have a prefered product to use( wood floor) just let us know.

Have questions? We’re super friendly and here to help. Please get in touch: Email info@absoluteshines.com or call 571-4803584

Standard cleaning takes into account everything that involves cleaning a home or apartment. Cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dusting, etc. We do offer extra services like cleaning inside the oven, inside the refrigerator, wet wipe baseboards and all trim.
Yes, of course! just select the frequency of your clean, monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, when you your booking. To say thanks you we will even offer you a Absolute Shine discount for booking a recurring service. After your first booking your future appointment will be automatically booked.
We serving in Fairfax county, Loudoun county, Prince william co, Alexandria, Arlington.

Pricing & Policies

If you’re no content with your cleaning, we will come out and re-clean. If you still don’t think we did a good enough job to recommend us to you friends, we’ll refund your money.
The cleaners will report it immediately and we will contact you to resolve the issue. For damage of an item or property, we may offer to replace, repair or a refund of your payment. In a case of repair, Absolute Shine will choose the method, manner, and person to perform such a repair.
The quote from the home page is the price you pay. At Absolute Shine, we pride our ourselves on pricing transparency and saving our customers’ time.

Trust & Safety

We have three levels of security in place. First off our booking page is protected by extended validation SSL . Secondly our booking form has it’s own layer of 256 bit security. Third, credit card transactions are processed by STRIPE and is layered on their own 256 security protocol. In addition, no credit card numbers are stored in our system ( only a token that allows us to charge the card). Rest assured we take security very very seriously.

Manage Your Account

When you book a service an account is automatically created for you. Simply set up your account, choose you password, and you’re ready to go. http://ashine.launch27.com/login
Log into you account http://ashine.launch27.com/login and update your card on file. Your new card will automatically be noted as your default card
Simply go to our booking page and schedule your appointment online. http://ashine.launch27.com/login
Log into your account http://ashine.launch27.com/login
Log into your account http://ashine.launch27.com/login and you will see any outstanding gift cards and respective balances.
Lo into your account and update your address in your upcoming booking. http://ashine.launch27.com/login
You can submit a password change request on the customer login page at http://ashine.launch27.com/login/


Yes we do! We can arrange for a professional carpet cleaner to clean carpets after we have finished cleaning your home at a cost a $35 around per room. All you have to do is select carpet cleaning on our online booking form and how many rooms you would like cleaned and we will take care the rest.
We use a number of different carpet steam cleaning machines. Relax knowing that all are professional, high quality machines and will do a great job of making your carpet shine !
We estimate around 30 minutes per room.
No, we time your cleaning perfectly so that we have finished cleaning your home just before the carpet clean begins.
No, please let the carpets to dry for at least a few hours (overnight if possible ) before walking on them.
Yes, vacuuming is essential to the longevity of your carpet. You should vacuum your carpet as often as possible
When necessary we will move and replace small furniture. *We will not move musical instruments, grandfather clocks, most beds, full china hutches, full bookshelves, entertainment centers, pool tables…our technicians reserve the right not to move any piece of furniture or household object that they do not feel comfortable with.
Let me start by defining the difference between a spot and a stain: a spot is any foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) that is removable by standard cleaning methods.(The foreign material is on or around the carpet fiber) A stain is foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) on carpet that is not usually removable by standard cleaning methods. (The foreign material has penetrated ‘soaked into’ fiber and has changed or damaged the fiber itself) Some stains may be very difficult or impossible to remove.
Yes, our process leaves your carpet fresh, clean, residue free and soft to the touch.
With the cost of replacing carpet being as expensive as it is today, it is always best to try having the carpet professionally cleaned first. It is far less costly and may make a world of difference.


All you have to do is fill out our Booking page, selecting the time and date that you want us to clean you home. It’s a simple as that and will only take yo 60 seconds. Once you have completed your booking you receive a confirmation email instantly.
That’s ok if you don’t want to book online we have a dedicated customer service team here at Absolute Shine so just give them a call on 571-4803584 or email at absoluteshinecontact@gmail.com and leave your number and one of the team will call you back.
Yes. We need to make payment information to book your appointment, but your card will not be charged until after you cleaning has been successfully completed.
Of course! (+$20 is a extra service) We are really proud of the fact that we can book you in for a clean on the same day.

It is simple to amend or cancel your booking, you can either login to your account or please email us at absoluteshinecontact@gmail.com and we will take care of your request. *Please give us 48 hours notice if you cancel your booking otherwise there is a $50 cancellation fee.

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