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At Absolute Shine Cleaning Services, we have well defined the terms WASH, CLEAN, DISINFECT. Our clients know that these are the most important terms when beginning a House Cleaning, this is why they’re always excited for their home to get cleaned by us.

Our cleaning process is one of the most complete and efficient in our are “Northern Virginia”.

We know and understand fully that certain areas of your home need to be properly cleaning and disinfecting.

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Our cleaning teams are trained successfully to take action at each specific task in your home. Each team is provided with specific cleaning products, such as disinfectants, granite products, products for stainless steel and floor cleaners of the highest quality and standards for a house cleaning. Our vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA filters, which are disinfected and replaced every day, as well as our vacuum bags. This helps to avoid leaving bad smells in your home and also prevents the spread of germs. We use microfiber towels with specific colors for each area, we never clean your kitchen with the same towels that were used to clean your bathrooms. This makes our clients trust us and be calm while we give the best house cleaning in Nova. They are always satisfied with the amazing job that our teams perform.


(Q) How come when independent people clean our house, their vacuum cleaners leave a bad smell?

(A) Our answer is easy and simple because they do not maintain their vacuum cleaners and do not change a filter or vacuum bags.

(Q) Are your team members trusted?

(A) At Absolute Shine our employees are certified cleaners, who have been working for us for years and they are people who have passed a background check.

(Q) Absolute Shine is responsible for damages in our home?

(A) Our company is fully insured and have worker’s compensation, which means we give all our clients the peace of mind.

We build valuable trust with our clients over time that they always refer us to their friends and family.

All of this makes our House Cleaning Service a Premium service.

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In your home, there are two important areas that should be washed and disinfected correctly very often, which are the kitchen and bathrooms.

Do not hesitate to contact us at (571) 4803584 to make an appointment or for any questions regarding our premium house cleaning process or simply visit our web site at 

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