Three ways to make the most of Spring Cleaning Season

Spring presents an excellent opportunity to throw open the windows and sort out the clutter, well we want to bring you the best tips to make spring cleaning easy — and even fun. Here they are!
  1. The Truth, The Whole Truth

Be brutally honest when evaluating items in your closet. Do you fidget with the item once it is on? Does it squeeze your arm or ride too low on your hips? Do you have to continually pull it up or down? Yes? Then it has to go. Replace it with something that fits properly and feels great!

  1. Keep It Clean

Once you’re organized, stay organized. Here’s how: for each new piece of paper or object that enters your home or office, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” If not, put it in a recycling bin or a box for donations. Put the keepers with similar items for easy access. To keep clutter from returning, practice the One-In-One-Out Rule when buying things like office supplies or clothes or shoes: When something new comes in, something old must get donated.

  1. Make it Fun! 

Shake up your spring cleaning routine with fun contests: Challenge everyone in your family to find 10 items to put away and 10 items to donate. This can become a race, with the prize of a traveling trophy (or a hot fudge sundae, if you don’t want more clutter!) and you can repeat it once a week for the entire month of March. You can take pride in the positive impact donating.

We at Absolute Shine Cleaning Services hope these tips make spring cleaning just a little less intimidating and more exciting for your family. We look forward to seeing you soon to make a Deep Clean in your home

Happy Spring!

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